Parking Mania for Android

Parking Mania for Android

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We can't all be the world's best driver; however, some are clearly better than most. Those skills can be put to the test in a safe environment with the Parking Mania game for Android.

Parking Mania lets you show off your awesome driving skills without having to take out an insurance policy. This virtual world of highways and byways gives the player a mission to complete and a vehicle to do it with. Scores are determined by how well you drive and collisions avoided, as well as how fast you finish your objective.

Parking Mania has over 40 different levels with varying difficulties, and players are given a selection of 20 vehicles, all of which have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. The real challenge comes in when it's time to deliver your cargo to your destination; even advanced drivers can find parking difficult, and avoiding collisions in Parking Mania isn't as easy as it seems. As you pass more and more levels, the game gets harder, throwing traffic jams and unpredictable AI drivers your way.

Parking Mania brings back the nostalgia of games like Super Mario or Frogger with its 2-D graphics and simplistic style. Increasing level challenges keep players interested as they try to reach their goals without having catastrophic crashes. The game even lets you play your own music as you cruise the roads. All in all, it's a very satisfying game with an addictive personality.