Parking Mania for iPhone

Parking Mania for iPhone

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Parking Mania is the game that gives you a second chance at all those driving tests you failed. There's no need to be nervous – Parking Mania is a completely virtual handheld game for your iPhone, and it's now available in stunning high definition.

Parking Mania HD is an upgraded take on the classic driving game for iOS. Drivers are forced to try and make their way to preset destinations to deliver a package, all while attempting to avoid crazy drivers and car-wrecking crashes. Dangerous highway scenarios in higher levels make the game intense for a simple driving game, so buckle up! It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Real life driving is hectic enough, but throw in a couple reckless AI cars and you're headed straight for disaster. Unlike mobile versions of the game, Parking Mania HD has 80 levels and a wide selection of vehicles. Using a tilt or touchscreen steering method, you have to arrive safely at your special parking spot in order to complete the level. Obstacles and other drivers throw themselves in your way, but as long as you keep your cool and remember how to parallel park, you'll be advancing to the next level before you know it.

Parking Mania, though not a substitute for actual defensive driving, does help players become more aware of what's around them while on the roads. Not only that, but it's much safer than trying to beat a timer and slide smoothly into a parking lot in real life. The best part? No car insurance is required.